Puro Mexicano Film Festival This Weekend

There is so much creative stuff happening downtown this weekend that I hope you will take a break from campaigning to check it out.

At the Fox Theatre all weekend is the Puro Mexicano Film Festival ,starting tonight with a film about Tucson's own legend, Lalo Guerrero, the father of Chicano music and the original hepcat.

If you rather watch a film outdoors, La Placita offers Macario about a humble wood cutter who deals with the devil only to confront all the consequences of his desires.

Saturday brings more events for all ages including film shorts and the movie Zoot Suit at La Placita. 

Sunday's film begins at 10:30 a.m. with a Mexican feminist film series. And at 4 p.m., the Pura Inspiracion film competition happens where 1010-minute inspirational films will be watched and judged. The winner goes on to further distribution. Some of the film topics are about Ben's Bells, free trade coffee, greyhounds, Iraq, hitchhikers and coffins, two strange orange creatures and more.

At the end of the films, the Day of the Dead parade begins. Get out there!