Randy Garsee

In the Sept. 28 Media Watch, John Schuster profiled KOLD Channel 13 news anchor Randy Garsee.

Make that ex-news anchor. He was fired this week.

John Schuster today talked to KOLD Vice President/GM Jim Arnold and Michelle Germano, the news director.

The backstory, according to John: Garsee sent out an e-mail criticizing Germano's managing style, and KOLD pulled the insubordination clause card in his contract. He's been with KOLD since March 1997. He and Kris Pickel anchored the No. 1 team in town, and they were voted Best of Tucson(TM) newscast.

JA: Randy is no longer at the station. As a manager, I don’t make snap decisions.

MG: As far as making the change and moving forward, we are moving forward. We expect to have an announcement on our female anchor within the next week. You will see her, and I think our viewers will be very excited and pleased with that decision. We are now searching for a male anchor, and we have a plan in place going into the November book. The content of our show is king, and viewers will still be able to get whatever they want out of KOLD.

MG: I’m not going to comment on a personnel issue that will lead to anything that happened with Randy. What I will comment on is KOLD’s news philosophy is live, local and late-breaking, and that encompasses weather and sports. It’s a total package. There’s a lot of people you can ask in the news industry of what viewers, especially in this community, want to take home every day, and part of that is weather. They want to know what it’s like when you walk out the door. Every day when we have our editorial meetings, we talk about what the viewers in this community want and what they’re asking for, and we respond to that and I think our ratings have shown they like what they’ve seen. It’s not anything about any personnel issue. It’s about moving forward, continuing our brand of live, local and late-breaking. That’s something we want to do every day, and in every editorial discussion we have.