Weirdness in Precipitation Measurements

So last night about 6 p.m., we received a humdinger of a cloudburst at the Weekly's south-central bureau (aka my house). It was actually kind of cool and useful, seeing that the storm served as a test-drive of sorts for my brand-new roof. (Unfortunately, the test drive revealed some leaks, which led to a huffy voicemail being left for the roofer. But that's another story.)

While I am not sure how much rain we received, we certainly received some, yet according to the National Weather Service, Tucson—meaning the airport—got none. Of course, the airport's eight miles away from the south-central bureau, but still ...

However, this was nothing compared to a couple of weeks ago, when Weekly World Central received what I would guess was a half-inch during a half-hour of parking-lot-flooding rain. And the airport—less than two miles away—recorded a trace.

I just don't get it.