Your Internet freedom is at stake

Last week, Jim Kolbe voted in favor of mega corporations instead of people. (So what else is new?)  Kolbe along with majority of the House of Representatives (both Republicans and Democrats) voted for a telecommunications law that would give big Internet operators like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast more control over what we can view online. (Big Brother strikes again.) I guess it must be all those telecommunication lobbyists' influence. After all, the vote flies in the face of the thousands of signatures by such diverse groups such as the ACLU, Gun Owners of America, the Christian Coalition and, all on the same side of the fence in favor of Net Neutrality.

The Senate is voting soon, but you got to wonder whose pocket they’re in.

The prolific Jason Lee Miller of WebProNews has something to say. For now, most people seem pretty oblivious about it. If Miller’s article lights a fire under your tush, get on the phone and start calling members of the Arizona Senate and urge them to vote in favor of Net Neutrality.

Senator John McCain: 202-224-2235

Senator Jon Kyl: 202-224-4521

Just how much power do AT&T, Verizon and Comcast need, anyway?