Putting the "Oy!" in "Voyeur"

Scientists have proven that you, yes you, TWeekly Blog Reader, are on camera an average of 478 times in the course of a normal day. Shocking*, isn't it?

This is what makes the incredible live webcam archive at Opentopia such a great resource—now you can be the eye in the sky! Organized according to country and in the case of the U.S., state by state, in most cases these webcams are publicly accessible only because an unwitting sysadmin set them up that way.

These webcams are also great for imagining yourself anywhere but here in Practice Hell, Arizona—this Hawai'ian resort webcam is particularly edifying. I found myself unconsciously cracking a Corona like I was sleep-beerwalking.

If you're more inclined to explore webcams in random fashion, there's this method: googling (or msning or yahooing or whatevering) a text string that nearly all webcam URLs possess.

Remember this Smirnoffian caveat, though: In Soviet Russia, webcam watches YOU!

*note: cited "fact" not actually true.