Best of Tucson™ 2004

A Cinematic Odyssey!

The celebrities are all here. The red carpet's been rolled out. After months of previews and "coming attractions" blurbs, the premiere is finally here.

Welcome to Best of Tucson™ 18.

This star-studded 80-page production has been many months in the making. Tucson's true stars—you, the many hundreds of Weekly readers, who took the time in April, May and June to vote for the town's best—provided the backbone, and then the many talented key grips, best boys and gaffers at the Weekly took it from there.

Votes were counted (thank you, Annie Holub); pictures were taken (thank you, Kelly Rashka); blurbs were crafted (thank you, everyone); scripts were edited (thank you, James, Laurel and Irene). Then, it was all compiled and put together (thank you, Hugh).

But back to the real stars of the show: those of you who voted, and those of you who won accolades. Our heartiest thanks and congratulations, respectively.

Now, let's get on with the show!