Police Dispatch

Pee, Puke and Penis Unpunished

North Euclid Avenue July 14, 2:45 p.m.

A homeless man was spared arrest after reportedly exposing himself (among other alleged antics) while trespassing on University of Arizona property—although his drunk(er) buddy did get in trouble, according to a UA Police Department report.

A UA officer responded to a "check-welfare" call at an area between the University Services Building, 888 N. Euclid Ave., and a nearby Marriott Hotel, where he found two male transients dozing. He immediately recognized them as the same pair he'd found sleeping nearby just hours earlier, when he'd told them to leave because sleeping there was illegal.

The person who'd called the UAPD to report the men had described one of them as "passed out" and said the other had "peed, exposed himself and threw up." But this second man was allowed to leave the scene without even a citation, since he acted compliant and wasn't obviously intoxicated—and there were no recognized "victims (of) indecent exposure."

The other man, however—who'd been "passed out"—acted belligerently drunk, initially refusing to leave campus. He escaped jail time but was cited for trespassing and received an exclusionary order officially barring him from UA property.