Tour Diaries! XIXA on the Last Days of the Euro Bloodline Tour

Days 19-21 and Epilogue.

Sometimes, it feels like the road does go on forever. There are the days that are so triumphant, you wish that it would go on forever. Some days, you wonder what on earth you are doing out here, what kind of madman you are for going through all of this.

I don't have a straight answer for any of it. Hahahaha.

I've been doing this for more than three decades and I still wonder about it, at times.

I'm sitting here in the Admiral's Club at London Heathrow, writing this down, waiting for our 11-hour flight to Phoenix, then Tucson. I'm sure I will sleep, at least a week or more.

Here are some photos of the last few days. Please, enjoy them!
Thanks for coming along.

Until it happens again, maybe see you at HoCo Fest in September.
Your humble narrator,