Tour Diaries! XIXA Day 16: How Ariano, Italy, is Kinda Close To Tucson

Day 16

Ariano, Italy

I've been to many cities in Italy, but, Ariano has its own special, unique charm, much like how Tucson isn't really like the rest of Arizona, or like how Austin isn't like the rest of Texas.

After being fleeced in Turin, we were elated that our next stop after Ravenna was Ariano.
Some of you may remember last year, when Air Malta left my suitcase in Milan and didn't lift a finger to find it, after 11 days. Ariano is where I was reunited with my clothes.

It's a smaller community than most, but has a giant heart. It's in the hills, with the narrowest streets you've ever seen. Not the easiest place to find, even with GPS. Long story short, we feel at home there.

When the cities start to blur, it's great to discover someplace truly special. So, it is with Ariano.

Arrivederci, bellissima, Ariano.


Stay tuned.