Shameless Self-Promotion

The Arizona Newspapers Association announced the winners in its annual Better Newspapers Contest last weekend, and the Tucson Weekly took home five writing awards--three first-place wins and two second-place honors--in the large non-daily category.

Jim Nintzel earned two first-place honors. He won in the Best News Story category for "Lifting the Veil of Secrecy" (March 20, 2008), on the efforts to reform Child Protective Services. He also took top honors in the Best Sustained Coverage category for Project White House, the reality journalism contest that encouraged readers to run for president in the Arizona primary. The judge from the Kentucky Press Association succinctly wrote: "Innovative idea, well-executed."

Leo W. Banks took home the Weekly's other first-place award, in the Best Lifestyle Feature category, for "The Light and the Dark" (Nov. 15, 2007), his profile on troubled Native American artist Jacob Warner. The judge wrote: "Nicely done. The story really pulls you in."

Mari Herreras nabbed second place in the Best News Feature category for "Thank You for Not Sharing" (Feb. 28, 2008), on the battles between locals accused of illegal file-sharing and the Recording Industry Association of America. The judge wrote: "Very interesting and informative. Local angle used well to illustrate national issue."

Catherine O'Sullivan won second place in the Best Column, Analysis or Commentary category for her Sept. 20, 2007 column, "Why Does Our Society Tolerate the Mistreatment of Greyhounds and Other Dogs?" The judge wrote: "This was a great opinion article. Powerful and eye-opening." Congratulations to all of the winners.