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Plastilina Mosh

It's been 10 years since Monterey, Mexico's Plastilina Mosh garnered buzz on both sides of the border with their genre-mashing, electro-hip-hop-rock debut, Aquamosh. The duo of Jonaz Gonzalez and Alejandro Rosso rocked the mic like a Spanglish-speaking, two-headed Beck--or a four-legged Beastie Boys. But save for a sophomore release, a greatest-hits collection and the studio foolery of 2003's Hola Chicuelos, Plastilina squandered most of Aquamosh's buzz.

Plastilina return to form with their latest release, All U Need Is Mosh, earning the duo a spot alongside Latin contemporaries The Pinker Tones and Mexican Institute of Sound. Following the lead of their Anglo peers in LCD Soundsystem, Plastilina have added a full-time percussionist, guitarist and bassist to the mix, giving their fourth studio disc a much-needed warmer vibe.

Though Plastilina haven't reached the maturity level of LCD or even the Tones, a sample on Mosh's "Going to Mars Bolton" sums up Plastilina's philosophy: "What you intend to do with sound is of the utmost importance." Word.

Mosh's highlights include "My Party," which begs for a Bacardi ad; the Falco-esque rap of "Danny Trejo"; and the spine-tingling, halftime march of "San Diego Chargers." A worthless six-minute-snoozer guest spot by Babasonicos singer Adrian Dargelos nearly puts the brakes on Mosh's party before the disc closes with "Pervert Pop Song," an infectious new-wave number featuring telenovella-actress-turned-Latina-Norah Jones sensation Ximena Sariñana.

Lo siento güey--no Sariñana/Plastilina video as of press time. Major buzzkill.