Best Contemporary Architecture

UA Stevie Eller Dance Theatre

With a rash of unique design features, this building stands out from all the other formulaic UA buildings on campus; even the copper-topped McHale Center fades in comparison. This is an arts building, after all, and the idea of dance was very much the inspiration for the overall design. The outside is wrapped with a flowing metal scrim, which is not only beautiful but practical, as it keeps the morning sun off the building. Inside, the dance theatre reflects the same feel. During the day, the building is quite noticeable--but at night, when it is lit for events, the Eller glows like a beacon, welcoming one and all.

Runners up:

2. Rattlesnake Bridge (by Simon Donovan), Broadway Boulevard, just west of Euclid Avenue

3. UA College of Optical Sciences, 1630 E. University Blvd., 621-6997,