Rhythm & Views

Digital Leather

Digital Leather is--regardless of what some other dipshits in town have to say--Tucsonan Shawn Foree's musical output. It's pretty much been a one-man operation in the studio, with differing lineups as a live act. This album is the first that captures both elements. The band assembled on side two (recorded live at the second Gonerfest, one of the better musical events that happens every year in Memphis) consisted of Ryan Wong, Rusty Rousseau and Steve Sleaze.

The music is rooted in early synth-punk/no-wave acts like Screamers, Factrix, Nervous Gender, Suicide and even Gary Numan. I understand that some of you are probably still scratching your heads, but I refuse to kowtow to the masses and type Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

While most bands in Tucson seem to think hanging out downtown will make you the big fish in this pond, Digital Leather have been doing the opposite--touring and putting out records. They realize that no matter how big you are, this pond is dried up.

Lyrical content includes the ultimate sexual partner, airplane crashes, Naked Lunch-style cut-up prose, a young girl's pubic region, the "Beat It" video taken to its logical albeit extreme and, of course, dystopian futuristic love.

Attention: ElectroFecesToni&GuyWave DJs: Play "Modulated/Simulated" or "Styrofoam" at your weekly Check Out My iPod bash, 'cause your audience would like them way more than another one of your Cat Power/Coldplay mashups.

And in case you're wondering, The Urinals cover "Hologram" pleases me like no woman ever has.