Rhythm & Views

American Android

Local rock quintet American Android have struck a perfect balance between sounding undeniably like a rock band from Tucson and a rock band you could easily imagine fitting in nicely on a world tour with your choice of platinum-selling bands.

They've got the name, for one: American Android--political, alliterative, compelling. And they've got the sound: Vocalist Carlos Arzate's full-bodied wail scales the walls of sound emanating from Kenyon Hood (brother of Ryanhood's Cameron Hood) and Sergio Mireles' guitars, while the rhythm section (bassist Alex Laetsch and drummer Matthew Shepherd) gives the whole thing that certain rough polish that is the mark of great rock bands.

Silent Partner, the band's new EP, is six songs of angry and contemplative rock, ranging from the jangly and hopeful "New Sun" ("Tonight you and me star in our own movie where everyone comes home alive," sings Arzate) to the heavy and funky get-off-your-ass cry of "Bunkers for the Faithful." Elements of rock en español filter in; songs move from part to part flawlessly; keyboard arrangements courtesy of ... music video?'s Paul Jenkins enhance the texture; and by the end of Silent Partner, if you don't have faith in a rock revolution and a rekindled love for local music, then you took the title a little too literally.