Good Music, Great Price

Some random notes ...

• Our very own Spring Club CrawlTM is set for Saturday, April 19. If you're thinking of going--and if you're even remotely interested in local music, you should go--I recommend getting your all-admission wristband before Sunday, April 6. On or before that date, the wristbands cost a mere $5 at any Tucson Bookmans location. From Monday, April 7, on, they'll cost the usual $8, and on the day of the Crawl itself, they'll be $10.

Head over to for the latest schedule of bands, venue maps and all sorts of other useful information!

• If you're thinking of taking the time to write in to share an opinion, please, do yourself a favor, and make sure that you're writing in to the correct publication. I recently received a pleasant e-mail from a reader complaining that she didn't like a new comic strip; the strip in question is published in the Arizona Daily Star, not in the Tucson Weekly. Several days later, I received a postcard bitching us out for a review of a movie that we hadn't yet reviewed.

• Finally, if you have a free minute or two, I highly recommend checking out TucsonWeeklyTV, our brand-new and growing YouTube channel. Senior writer Jim Nintzel is spearheading our move into the video realm, and thanks to his efforts, you can find an ever-growing number of short news reports on the channel. Check it out; you can also find all of the TucsonWeeklyTV reports, along with all sorts of other good stuff, at