Police Dispatch

The Effects of Low Blood Sugar

East Benson Highway, Feb. 5, 8:20 p.m.

A dog-owning panhandler became enraged when his pet was given food, but he was not, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Employees at the TTT Truck Stop stated that they had been outside on their break when a homeless man approached them with his dog and asked them for handouts. They told him they had no money or food for him, but they would see what the manager could do. The transient then entered the store and came out after a few minutes to say "fuck you" to all the employees sitting there.

At that point, one of the employees exited the store with some food for the dog. The homeless man got extremely angry and screamed, "If I can't eat, neither can my fucking dog," calling the employee a "cocksucker" and "fag," and punching him in the nose.

After being apprehended by law enforcement, the subject continued to be combative, striking his head against the asphalt as well as the Plexiglas divider in a patrol vehicle--eventually drawing a notable amount of blood. Questioned as to what had been going on, he said, "I am fucking here to eat ... and you guys cannot fuck with me for that." Regarding the punching incident, he explained: "He got in my fucking face when I was fucking trying to leave. ... You guys are fucking pigs; they called the fucking pigs on me."

The subject was transported to the Kino hospital, where he was diagnosed with minor head injuries. Visited by a deputy an hour and a half later, the man was still threatening to hit his head on the bar of the bed and telling everybody to "fuck off."

The report did not say whether the man had been given any food.

I'll Get You--And Your Precious Cars, Too

North Jay Avenue, Feb. 10, 5:33 p.m.

A woman feeling neglected by her boyfriend got his attention with threats to destroy his most prized possessions, said a PCSD report.

The victim stated that he had been sitting at home playing video games when his girlfriend came over and demanded that he spend more time with her. For no apparent reason, she became extremely irate and yelled that "he had better watch his precious Cadillacs," and then threw a drinking glass at his chest. The victim was frightened because he loved Cadillac cars, and his front yard held numerous models, which his girlfriend allegedly said she would destroy by "smashing the windows out of them."

A witness confirmed the victim's story, and the drinking glass allegedly thrown by the woman was found in the front yard, completely intact. The victim declined to press charges for her threats.