Tasty Coverage

Some notes regarding this week's paper:

• In the middle of this issue (if you're reading this in print) or at yum.tucsonweekly.com (if you're reading this online), you'll find Yum!, our twice-a-year dining guide. While I'm sure foodies will be interested in Yum!, I want to alert the non-foodies out there that this issue is worth at least a few moments of your time, as much of our Yum! coverage transcends the typical dining-guide fare.

For example, the lead story, by Margaret Regan, examines the Community Food Bank's efforts to promote the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diets of the people who get assistance from the Food Bank--as well as the community in general. James Reel looks at how all of the downtown construction (Interstate 10, the Fourth Avenue underpass, etc.) has affected downtown restaurant business, while Karyn Zoldan writes about some of the things that Tucson restaurants are doing to promote sustainability. Finally, Rita Connelly guides a trip down memory lane with a story about some now-closed, but fondly remembered, Tucson restaurants.

This is not your typical boring daily newspaper dining guide; be sure to check it out.

• In our feature slot, we're publishing an essay by Ted Rall, the artist behind the "Bulletin Board" cartoon. In "Puffing Up McCain," Rall makes the case that John McCain always seems to start off doing the right thing, but that he inevitably veers off course in order to further his political goals.

Rall's essay made me think; that's why we decided to run it. Having said that, I am not sure that I agree with everything that Rall has to say. Check out the essay, and feel free to let me know your thoughts.