The New Writer

Meet Mari Herreras. That is, if you haven't already.

Mari's the Weekly's new staff writer. She started last Wednesday (Sept. 19) and has already been meeting with potential sources and connections in the community. She'll be the go-to writer regarding university-related issues and most matters involving the county.

Her Southern Arizona roots run deep. She's a fifth-generation Tucsonan and a graduate of the UA; she returned to Tucson this summer with her husband and son after living in Los Angeles and Washington state. Her journalism experience is varied; she was a theater critic for the now-defunct L.A. Reader (it's not her fault that the paper's defunct ... at least we don't think it is) and a news writer for The Stranger in Seattle, so she has alt-weekly cred. Most recently, she wrote for the Wenatchee Business Journal, a monthly publication.

Here are some fun facts about Ms. Herreras:

· Favorite food: "I love all food."

· Favorite Tucson restaurant: Mi Nidito (with Sushi King a close second).

Most embarrassing moment she's willing to share with almost 200,000 readers: "I came out of the Grill bathroom with my skirt stuck in my underwear and gave the people at the bar a good laugh. But they were pretty nice about it."

· Favorite thing about returning to Tucson: The sunsets; feeling like she's "in a perpetual sweat lodge."

· Biggest change she's noticed in Tucson after living elsewhere for a decade and a half: The lack of change, actually. "I was hoping that we would be addressing the fact that we're not a small town anymore."

· What she wants to accomplish here at the Weekly: "To tell good stories, and at the same time keep readers informed."

Welcome, Mari. If you have a story idea for her, she can be reached at 295-4256 or