Best Smoothie

Xoom Juice

Even zombies need energy to rejuvenate themselves for their horrifying romps through graveyards. But if you're among the living, you will especially appreciate the fresh ingredients you are slurping down when you gulp a Xoom Juice smoothie. Using 100 percent fruit juice and real fruit--nixing the ice cream and added sugar--Xoom creates delectable combinations, including Mt. Lemonhead, Screamcycle and Gimme Grapefruit. Did we mention that this place mixes up a hangover cure? That's right: Even if you feel dead, you can erase the previous night's damage with the Overhang. Whether you crave a little espresso or tea with your blended beverage, this futuristic fruit pad has the freshness you deserve.

Runners up:

2. Jamba Juice, Various locations,

3. Keva Juice, 8250 N. Cortaro Road, 572-7575; 10785 N. Oracle Road, 297-8122;