Best Burrito

Nico's Mexican Food

The best burrito can be found at any time of day, which is great for night owls who only rise from the grave when the sun goes down. Most Nico's are always open, and some even have convenient drive-through service for the laziest of zombies. Nico's burritos are packed with the goods--carne asada, breakfast, bean or chicken, they have what you want. Perhaps the most inviting aspect of Nico's burritos, though, is that they are cheap! Sure, you can pony up $8 for a gourmet burrito someplace else. However, why pass up on the cheaper, more delicious version that you can access even in the morning hours? All you zombies who need a burrito fix at 4 in the morning: Head to Nico's!

Runners up:

2. Chipotle, Various locations,

3. Los Betos Mexican Food, Various locations