Simple Rules

Some things I've learned in the last week ...

· If you think it's too damn hot in Tucson, spend a late-summer weekend in Palm Springs, Calif. Wow.

· You know how employers put "no phone calls, please" on some job advertisements? I now understand why they do that. Over the last several weeks, since we posted the open staff-writer position, I have received a decent number of phone calls with questions about the position, and the vast majority of those calls have been, well, inane. A couple of people have asked what kind of stories the staff writer would be covering. (Here's a hint: If you're a regular reader of the Weekly, you should know the answer to this question. Shouldn't you? Especially since the ads for the position answered this question, too?)

· It's not a good idea to eat at the Sizzler in Blythe, Calif.

· It feels quite nice to get two hits in the same inning of a softball game.

· One shouldn't eat too much sugary cereal first thing in the morning--especially if one is older than 30 years of age.

· If you have to come in to the office on a holiday, make sure all of the coffee isn't locked in a cabinet to which you don't have the key.

· When an anti-gay public figure is outed, it's both amusing and very, very sad.