Rhythm & Views


Quincy, Ill., must be quite the place--I've met more than a couple of people from there, and they're all creative and talented individuals. So it's no surprise that Quincy the band, named after that same town from which lead singer/songwriter Christopher Beeson originally hails, resonates with creativity and talent.

From the build of "Forever" to the running instrumental drawl of "Mississippi," My Heart Is Like a River is a country-infused tribute to the river that runs through Quincy. "River House" sounds like a younger, better-voiced Neil Young, and the guitar hook on "Ursa" would sound just as at home on a Kinks record. "Guess You Know Now" is a traditional sad, drunken guitar/piano waltz with just the right amount of vocal wail, and the Latin rhythm of "Not That Kind of Girl" pairs nicely with the driving guitar of "Why Don't You Come Down Tonight." All 13 songs on My Heart Is Like a River are keepers.

Beeson's been playing and writing good music for a long time; just read the list of press quotes on his former Portland, Ore., band Demi-Dryer's CD Baby page. Some of the best new local bands are transplants who came here willingly and have embraced and enhanced our modest little musical network. Not to knock my fellow local born-and-bred musicians, but the more folks like Beeson who move here and up the ante, the better off we'll all be.