Missy Paschke was part of a Hamlet cast James Reel described as "unapologetically babe-a-licious" ("Timeless Tale," Jan. 18). She's an actress, a member of the Arizona Theatre Company's marketing staff and an all-around good person who volunteers at a number of local organizations. Right now, Paschke is focused on the Feb. 25 Oscar night party, put on at Hotel Congress by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $35 apiece, or four for $120. E-mail info@tucsonglbtchamber.org or call 615-6436 for more information or to RSVP.

What's your job at the theater company?

I'm the marketing and audience development manager for Arizona Theatre Company. We're big fans of long titles at the ATC.

What do you do?

It's a small marketing department, so we all do a little of everything. We all put our fingers in a lot of pots.

I don't wanna know where you put your fingers.

(Laughs.) But, no, we all do a lot of things. I do their MySpace page. I send out the e-mails. I try to figure out community events for us to come to, so we had the Cinema La Placita event and invited people to come to that. I plan those. I go to all the chambers of commerce and try to talk up the theater. I go speak at everything ... from networking luncheons to senior communities.

Tell me about the MySpace page.

There's about 10--well, now there's more--but there used to be not very many of us under the age of 40 at ATC. About two years ago, we had this great idea to get a MySpace page. I know that it was 2005, because our password--oh. (Laughs.)


It'll have to be changed, but it has 2005 in it. ... OK, what were you asking me?

The MySpace page.

OK, so of course since everybody was getting a MySpace, we have one, and we're trying to build up the number of people on it.

So if I wanted to friend ATC on MySpace, you would be the one to add me?

Yeah! Yes, I'd approve you, and I approve everyone, unless they're not wearing a top. My criteria is pretty liberal.

I'm curious about the Oscar party you brought up earlier.

I'm ATC's representative to the GLBT Chamber of Commerce, and I have a lot of friends in it and have made personal relationships with people. They were looking for someone to do this fundraising event with the Oscar party--with the awards ceremony and the Oscar party--and they thought of me, because I'm fun. We're doing that, and it's at Hotel Congress, and it's on the 25th. ... ATC is lending us costumes, so people can whip on costumes and get their photo taken in old movie-star gear. And there's also a costume contest. Since this is the GLBT chamber, it should be a pretty rockin' party.

Gays know how to party.

They do! And straights who love them also love to party.

What's your favorite rock opera?

Ooooooooooooh-oooh-oooh! This is a good one! My favorite rock opera? There aren't that many options. You've got Tommy, Hair--I love Hair; I do love Hair. Because I like the "Sodomy" song. (Sings.) Fellati-oooo, cunnilingus! I loved a little Rent when I was 16--that was a decade ago--but don't put that in the paper, because I'm ashamed of it now.

Why are you ashamed of that?

I really think there should be a time limit for shows in general, especially on Broadway. When they're allowed to run for 25 years or 15 years, then nobody sees anything new. I don't know the exact dates (and) I'm just talking out of my ass here, but I think My Fair Lady only ran for seven or eight years. It wasn't a jillion performances, even though it's eternal, you know? Everybody knows that. It's ridiculous that Rent opened when I was 16--so in '96?--and it's running 11 years later. It's, like, come on, let something else new happen. I think there should be a 10-year limit or something; I don't know.

It's like TV shows that run forever and ever.

Exactly. And then it also stifles theater, because people don't go see new things. They feel like they can't go see something new. They'd love to go see that new show, but, 'I still haven't seen Cats on Broadway. We have to go see Cats!' You know, they revived Les Mis after closing it three years ago, so now it can be nominated as Best Revival. Can you believe that? I mean, it's ridiculous.