Police Dispatch

Rolling Back Prices

Magee Road and La Cholla Boulevard, Nov. 8, 8:45 p.m.

A Wal-Mart greeter got socked in the back of his head when he tried to do a receipt check on a man who appeared to be shoplifting, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The greeter said a 6-foot-tall Latino male, with a stocky build, black T-shirt and tan pants, tried to walk out of the store with two boxes of merchandise under his arms. The greeter recognized the individual from a past shoplifting attempt and tried to check his receipt, he told authorities.

The alleged shoplifter tried to run, the greeter said, adding that he followed the shoplifter, grabbed the man and then got punched in the back for his troubles.

The man with the boxes got into a waiting vehicle and sped away, the report said. The greeter reported no injuries in the attack.

Keep The Change

Sunrise Drive and Swan Road, Nov. 10, 7:33 p.m.

A male driver, who appeared to be pissed about something, threw a quarter inside another car when he pulled up next to it at a stoplight, a PCSD report stated.

At first, the couple in the car believed the man had thrown a rock into their vehicle, which ricocheted off the passenger-side door and struck the female passenger in the head, the report said. They quickly determined it was instead a quarter.

The man reportedly yelled, "Fuck you," before speeding off. The woman's husband, who was driving the car, said the other driver had flashed his brights at them while they were driving neck-and-neck with a car in another lane, preventing others from passing.

The woman struck by the coin reported no injuries.

While You Were Out

Unincorporated Pima County, Nov. 6, 7:29 p.m.

A woman's trailer was completely ransacked, a PCSD report said.

The woman said she hadn't lived in the trailer for the past six months, although she checked it regularly. The last time she had been there was at the end of October, she told authorities.

When the woman went out this time, she reportedly found the trailer in complete disarray. Boxes of clothing were torn open, with their contents scattered everywhere. All the windows were broken; cabinet doors had been ripped off; and an inside wall had been knocked down, the report stated. In addition, an air conditioner, valued at $350, was stolen.

No fingerprints were obtained. The woman suspected the neighbor kids, who she said drive all-terrain vehicles with impunity, might be responsible.