Police Dispatch

Gun-Toting Neighbors

Corona De Tucson, Oct. 19, 7:40 p.m.

A woman said her drunken neighbor came over to her house and threatened to settle an interfamily spat using his machine guns, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The report said the neighbors had previous encounters, because their children had bickered. In fact, they had an upcoming court hearing relating to a fight between their kids.

The woman told authorities that her neighbor, whom she said appeared intoxicated, parked his motorcycle in front of her home. He then walked into her garage and asked to speak to the man of the house, she said.

"Your kid fought my kid. You wanna fight? I'm a boxer," he allegedly told her. "This ain't cool. I have machine guns if you wanna fight."

The woman said she told him she was "the responsible party at this residence" and immediately asked him to leave. When she called 911, her neighbor got back on his motorcycle and drove across her lawn.

The woman's boyfriend also talked to the neighbor. He told authorities that the neighbor said that if the woman's child threatened or touched his kid, he would "kick somebody's ass." The neighbor reportedly told the boyfriend he was trying "to do this the nice way," and then asked if he had to get his machine guns.

Authorities were unable to contact the neighbor at the time of the report.

Hammer-Toting Brothers

Benson Highway and Alvernon Way, Oct. 18, 11:04 a.m.

A girl complained that her brother hit her in the arm with a hammer during an argument, a PCSD report said.

A teacher had seen a bruise on the girl's arm while she was at school. A deputy met with the girl, who, according to the report, appeared "clean, well-dressed and well-nourished."

She said two weeks prior, her 14-year-old brother hit her in the arm with the hammer after he saw a blue folder he owned was lying on the floor. The girl told the deputy that her brother thought she was responsible for putting it there. They started to argue, and then he struck her, she said.

She said it didn't hurt when he struck her, but the bruise that later developed did. The deputy noted that the appearance of the bruise was consistent with a two-week-old injury.

The girl said her mother grounded her brother when she found out about the incident.

Authorities were unable to contact the mother at the time of the report.