Best Musical Instrument Store

Chicago Music Store

Though it smells vaguely of dust and antiques, the Chicago Music Store is a pirate's booty of gold and silver--musical instruments, that is. Whether you're looking for something large like a bassoon or a tuba, or something small like a piccolo, you can bet that it's buried somewhere in the plethora of instruments. But there are more than just the garden-variety high school band instruments for rental or purchase. The Chicago Music Store also sells guitars, from the revered Fender Stratocaster that every aspiring electric-guitarist wants to fretless or six-string bass guitars. Finding amps, DJ and lighting needs is also a snap. And if you already have instruments that are broken, or may have been a little neglected, you can sell them or have them repaired here.

Runners up:

2. Rainbow Guitars, 2550 N. Campbell Ave., 325-3376,

3. Beaver's Band Box, 7918 N. Oracle Road, 498-0677; 4570 E. Broadway Blvd., 325-1509,