Best Bike Riding

Rillito River Park Trail

Out-of-towners must think Tucsonans are nuts. We complain about some of the lowest gas prices in the nation, call 90-degree summer days "cool" and label the Rillito River Park trail "the river." True, the flow is pretty spectacular after the summer rains. It could be argued, though, that winter is the season in which the Rillito really shines. With the cool temperatures come cadres of bicyclists, enjoying an invigorating ride on the shady pavement beneath the mesquite trees. Depending on the season, the ride can also double as a miniature wildlife safari: An amateur bike team has had close encounters with lizards, rabbits, snakes, ground squirrels and hawks. And if you're so inclined, there are several great breakfast joints within biking distance, so you can replace the calories you've just burned.

Runners up: 2. TIE

Fantasy Island,

Old Spanish Trail