Best Graffiti

The Ol' Dirty Bastard Stencil

Graffiti, like any other form of expression, has a wide range of quality, ranging from undecipherable crap all the way to incredibly elaborate murals that make a persuasive argument for their own status as public art (Tom Danehy's opinions notwithstanding). Stencils, a common downtown graffiti style, have the advantage of uniformity and recognizability; even if you think all graffiti is blight, stencils are at least a step above the unintelligible blots which make up most graffiti. And Old Dirty Bastard, late spazz-rapper of the Wu-Tang Clan, is oft stenciled in certain downtown redoubts (Skrappy's, the Fourth Avenue underpass). ODB makes for the perfect graffiti subject: sloppy yet iconic, a mess but a sometimes beautiful one. May he rest in peace. And may the taggers, if they're going to deface property at all, at least put a little effort into it.