Deadline Daze

Welcome to another fine issue of the Tucson Weekly.

As I write this, it's Tuesday afternoon. Assuming everything has gone according to plan, all of the pages of this issue will be in our printers' hands in Mesa by 7 p.m. Tuesday. Then the paper was printed early Wednesday morning and trucked down here, and our drivers started distributing it late Wednesday afternoon, at about the same time the issue went live on the Internet.

Normally, this deadline works rather well for us. It's late enough to get up-to-date film times and other information for the upcoming week (although the theaters often change their schedules after sending them to us, but still ...), yet early enough for us to get the paper printed and to you, the reader, for weekend planning, etc.

Of course, on Election Day, these deadlines end up being a pain in the rear: These deadlines make it impossible to report election results. This gives us two options: 1. Adjust our schedules so that we can bring you election results, in the process potentially throwing our printer's schedule and our distribution schedule out of whack, or 2. Keep the normal deadlines and wait a week to report the election results.

After weighing all the factors, we chose option No. 2 this time; the results and their analysis will have to wait until next week.

There's a lot worth noting, however, as--I would hope--there is in every issue, starting out with Renée Downing's sobering report on leukemia/cancer clusters across the country, including Sierra Vista. Check that out.