Water Water Nowhere

The summer movie preview is on the cover. It's the last week for our winter/spring intern, Kella. The temps are in the mid-90s, with no rain in sight.

Good lord, how did summertime (in reality, if not technically) get here so fast?

Other than needing to have a leaky spot in my house's roof patched before the monsoons come (assuming they do, in fact, come), I think I am ready for the summer. I am not so sure I can say the same thing about the parched plants in my yard.

Water has been on my mind a little more than normal these days. One reason: Last weekend, the significant other and I were showing his visiting mother around town, hitting some of the usual tourist spots (the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, etc.), and it was shocking how horribly parched some of the vegetation is looking. Another reason: We're working on putting together a special issue focusing on water issues, slated to hit the streets in several weeks. Keep your eyes open for that.

All this nonstop growth, combined with the current record-breaking drought, has me wondering where we could possibly get enough water to sustain this city in the middle of a parched desert. We use many times more water in this region than we get via precipitation. Can this go on forever?

Any thoughts on all of this?

For now, I am just looking forward to the summer monsoons--and making plans to get that damn leak fixed.