Getting Stuffed

A few random notes ...

· As of this writing, we've received 245 online Best of TucsonTM ballots. Of those, we've thrown out 42, mostly because the voter did not include an address or a phone number.

Believe it or not, we review every one of the submitted ballots. Trust me--we don't like the fact that we've had to throw out 17 percent of our online ballots (and a smaller percentage of the paper ballots), but the rules are the rules, and if we can't even attempt to verify your ballot, we won't count it. It's that plain and simple.

If you're concerned we're going to publish, sell or do anything else with your contact information, trust me: We aren't going to do that.

To those of you who have followed the instructions and have already voted: Thank you!

· To those of you who are dumb enough to turn in a bunch of TAMMIES ballots on which a band name and the voter names are in different handwriting, and the handwriting on the band names is remarkably consistent on a bunch of ballots: We noticed.

The first rule of ballot stuffing is: If you touch a ballot that's not the one you're personally filling out, that's cheating. And if you cheat, you really, really suck, and not in the good way.

· To those of you who include nice (or even not-so-nice, yet constructive) notes with your ballots: Thank you. Unless you're ballot stuffing, too, in which case, you still suck.