Hoop Nightmares

Given the fact that college basketball is pretty much inescapable here in Tucson, you're probably aware that the UA men have kicked off their season with a 61-49 win over Kansas on Monday. (By the time you're reading this, they've also played No. 3 Connecticut, I presume, although because of our early holiday deadlines, I have no idea how that went.)

And, yes, my alma mater's team has kicked off their season, too, and given the fact that they lost to UC-frickin-Irvine, I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.


Anyway ... about this week's cover story. Here's how things work down here at Weekly World Central: Writers "pitch" cover story ideas to me, and I say yes, or no, or maybe later. This story, basically, was pitched to me by the illustrious Tom Danehy, like, in May or something. I told him that it was a great idea to take a look back at the UA's collapse against Illinois (which was at LEAST as painful as losing to UC-Irvine, I'll grant you that), but not in May, because then, many Tucsonans minds aren't on basketball as much as, say, making sure their cooling systems still work.

So that pitch was a "maybe later." And it's later now. Check out the piece and feel free to grab a hanky and/or a teddy bear if you're a serious UA fan, because it'll bring up some painful memories.

And by the way, regardless of whether you give a rat's hind quarters about basketball, UC-Irvine or story pitches ... happy Thanksgiving, everyone.