Election Extravaganza

Are you ready for some... um, election coverage?

Well, by gosh, we hope you are, because for the next five weeks, we're gonna have a whole heckuva lot of it. Of course, we've had a lot of it since March, unlike some other large-circulation newspapers around this town. (I guess we just care more about Tucson.) Here's what to expect:

This week, Jim Nintzel looks at how the four candidates for the contested City Council races--Republican Fred Ronstadt and Democrat Nina Trasoff in Ward 6, and Republican Kathleen Dunbar and Democrat Karin Uhlich in Ward 3--say they'll handle the city budget. He also profiles Dunbar and Uhlich; look for all that, starting on page 22. Also, check out page 11 to see how these candidates are hyping methamphetamine as a political issue.

Next week, our cover story will have Nintzel looking at how the candidates view Tucson's future; he'll also profile Ronstadt and Trasoff. In the Currents section, Dave Devine will examine Proposition 400, involving the city budget.

On Oct. 27, we'll reveal our endorsements, or lack thereof, in all the city races.

On Nov. 3, Nintzel will recap all the races and give us the late-breaking election news.

For our Nov. 10 issue, we'll be blowing our normal deadlines to bring you election results and analysis.

And for those of you ignorant, pathetic souls who don't care about the municipal election and the effect it will have on all of our lives ... well, we'll still have all the news, cultural coverage, pretty pictures and smut that you've grown to love.

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