Best Place to Pretend You're Eating Healthy When You're Not Necessarily Eating Healthy


At first glance, Chopped has to be a fine place to force one's self to eat healthy. After all, the place serves one thing--salads, in their various permutations--and salads are healthy, right? That's what we tell ourselves when we go to Chopped and order a salad with, say, ham, egg, cheddar cheese, croutons and a liberal supply of ranch dressing. So what if, all put together, the salad has a nutritional value that would alarm many cardiologists? It tastes so wonderful with all those fresh ingredients. And it's salad. Yeah, we know we could just as easily go to Chopped and get a salad with a non-fat dressing and, gag, just vegetables on it. But where's the fun in that?