Best Country Music Station

KIIM 99.5 FM

Sure, this is a lead-pipe cinch for KIIM, the only viable candidate in this category. But in the real world, KIIM competes against all formats for listeners, and of late, the country music industry has deepened its audience to a uniform conservative red, with no attempt to broaden its appeal. KIIM's dominance in the ratings is due largely to the morning crew: Max Morgan, Betsy Bruce, Brett "Porkchop" Miller and newcomer Chris Matthews, plus traffic guy Alan Kath. Day in and day out, they sound like they're all having a great time, and it's infectious. They never go past a PG rating, so you can safely listen while you drive the kids to school. Moving Shannon Black to the 9 a.m. show makes the transition back to standard country radio smooth and bearable.

Runner up: KXCI 91.3 FM