Feedback Without Yelling

Some news and notes ...

· Last week's cover story, "Images From the Battleground" by Leo W. Banks, has predictably stirred the figurative pot. Right-wingers from around the country are embracing the story. Some left-wingers are heralding the piece, too. Yet other folks are calling or writing letters, accusing the Weekly of sensationalizing the issue, of being full of racists, of being general cretin bastards. One such complainant is a fellow member of my college's local young alumni association. She insisted the story was sensationalist and racist. I asked her to cite any specific parts of the story that were inaccurate. She couldn't or wouldn't.

That was not a very fun phone call.

In any case ... yeah, Leo has opinions about the border situation, and that's OK. Just like it's fine that other writers for our paper have different opinions about the border. Nobody's called into question what Leo reported, however. And that says something.

If you have any thoughts on the story you'd like to share (without raising your voice), feel free to drop us a line, preferably via e-mail or a letter.

· A big Weekly welcome to all of the UA students who are new to Tucson, as well as the returning students who left town for the summer. This is our unofficial back-to-school issue, as you can see from Margaret Regan's cover story. To repeat what I said above: If you have any thoughts on the story, or the paper in general, write us. We'd love to hear your thoughts.