Police Dispatch

Lethal Force

West Overton and North Thornydale Roads, June 16, 2:03 a.m.

A man who said a flashlight was stolen from his garage asked if he could shoot the thief if a similar incident happened in the future, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The man told a PCSD telephone operator that he walked into his garage, which he regularly left open to let in cool air, at about 1:45 a.m. He said he saw someone running away with a flashlight.

The man, who said he draws in his garage, also noticed the person had "doodled in his drawing pad."

A deputy told the man that he could only use lethal force "to defend himself or a third person from imminent death." The man reportedly replied that he knew he couldn't shoot someone for stealing a flashlight; he was just frustrated.

Dirty Bangle

West Ina Road and North La Cholla Boulevard, June 16, 3:26 p.m.

A 16-year-old Hallmark employee complained about receiving an obscene phone call, a PCSD report said.

The female employee told deputies she received a call from a man who claimed to be looking for a gift. She said he asked her what time the store closed and sounded disappointed when she told him they'd be locking the doors in 15 minutes.

The employee said she told him there was another Hallmark in the area open for an hour after her store closed. She alleged the man replied, "We don't need to get so eager."

The man reportedly asked if the teen knew what a bangle looked like. The employee said she told him it was round and a bracelet.

She alleged that the man replied, "No, it's big, big, long and hard." The teen said their conversation ended there.

There were no suspects at the time of the report.

Penis Art

West Cortaro Farms Road and North Camino De Oeste, June 18, 10:10 a.m.

A man said someone used an oily substance to draw a penis on the back window of his truck, a PCSD report said.

He told deputies he suspected his truck may have been vandalized by the same person or people who removed "Support Our Troops" stickers from two of his vehicles a couple weeks prior.

There were no suspects of witnesses at the time of the report.