Pima County Fairgrounds, Saturday, May 7

Can one act revive an annual concert that has not had a solid lineup in three years?

Hell yes! And how? Billy Fuckin' Idol!

This odd selection of a special guest stole the entire show at this year's KFMA Day with a most entertaining and nostalgic 75-minute performance. Many thousands, from extremely young to old, flocked to the Pima County Fairgrounds on Saturday to see the British rebel give a lesson in rock 'n' roll.

Kicking off his set with "Super Overdrive," Billy came onstage in a fist-pumping fury, while shaking his ass for the crowd.

Causing the crowd to live out an episode of VH1's I Love the 80s, "Dancing With Myself" and "White Wedding, Pt. 1" came next. During those crowd pleasers, Billy tossed out his signature sunglasses to a lucky fan and busted out some classically cheesy '80s dance moves like "Pulling the Rope."

Despite the rocker's age, Billy still managed to excite the ladies--no matter how underage they were. While talking to the crowd in between songs, a group of apparent pre-teens continuously flashed Idol, causing him to break concentration, give a thumbs-up and laugh devilishy in approval.

Sex appeal? Yep, he's still got it.

Billy displayed his comedic side at his own expense while introducing "Ready, Steady, Go." "I've been doing this song for 26 years, back when I was with my old band Generation X," Idol informed the crowd. He then slouched over like an old man and grunted, "Twenty-six years?"

Billy also strapped on an acoustic guitar for "Hot in the City," during which he ad-libbed in the chorus, "... hot in Tucson tonight." During numerous sweltering guitar solos from Steve Stevens, Billy even pounded on the drums, demonstrating his well-roundedness onstage.

The most classic moment of the entire day came during Idol's signature hit, "Rebel Yell." Everyone in hearing distance pounded their fists in the air in unison with Billy throughout the entire song for "more, more, more."

Other notable performances came from Arizona's own Jimmy Eat World and Sum 41.

Well worth the price of admission alone, the day belonged to Billy Idol. Big props to KFMA, which took a major gamble with an act it generally doesn't play for its young audience. The gamble paid off, big-time.