Ballot Input Wanted

The Tucson spring brings with it many things: warmer weather, a ton of things to do, and, yes, ballots to fill out in the Tucson Weekly.

In a few short weeks, we'll start running our Best of TucsonTM and Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES) ballots in this fine newspaper. At that point, you'll have the chance to fill 'em out and give us your two cents on what you think is the best that Tucson has to offer, both in general and in the music scene.

But if you're so inclined, I'd like to get your two cents in advance, on the very ballots themselves. What categories on these ballots need to go? Which ones would you like to see added? Which ones are confusing and need clarification? If you have any thoughts, go ahead and e-mail me at that address down below. We'll take all of your suggestions into consideration as we build these ballots.

We already have some ideas on changes based on prior input and balloting, but hey, we could be missing something. So, go ahead and give us a holler if you have any thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy the spring, and enjoy the Tucson Weekly.