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Free Agency

It won't be as much fun to read the Arizona Daily Star's coverage of spring training this season. But that's OK. The Mesa-based East Valley Tribune's coverage is available online, and that's where Jack Magruder is making his daily bread these days. He made the switch earlier this month, taking over the beat-writer gig covering the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Star phased out the Phoenix sports gig in 2003, leaving Magruder--who'd moved north in 1988--to log a gawdawful number of Interstate 10 round trips to handle Tucson assignments.

Until 1999, the Star had a big reason to keep an eye on sports in Phoenix, or at least parental unit Pulitzer Inc. did. Pulitzer's broadcast properties included Phoenix sports radio station KMVP. When Major League Baseball awarded sports impresario Jerry Colangelo a franchise, Pulitzer bought a 5 percent stake in the team. (And guess what radio station got the broadcast rights?)

Pulitzer dealt away the D'backs position when it sold off the broadcast operations in 1999, and now has a 4 percent stake in the St. Louis Cardinals.


The folks at Madden Preprint Media are going through some makeover issues at the moment, starting with their 23-year-old flagship magazine, Tucson Guide Quarterly. The magazine is dropping the "Quarterly" from its name as part of a new look, which will include a new nameplate and a more contemporary design style, said Associate Publisher Lesley Kontowicz.

If the corporate parent's name sounds a little familiar, it's because the former Madden Publishing is working up new logos for its new name, as it expands its publishing niche in the travel and tourism industry, Kontowicz said.

The new name comes from Madden's purchase of Preprint Publishing in Jacksonville, Fla., in 2003.

While Madden's publishing arm has 14 titles, the preprint group does travel-related newspaper inserts in about 30 markets, Kontowicz said. The company's Web development business, Maddenmedia, was founded in 1995.


Mailroom workers at Tucson Newspapers, the joint agency that handles advertising, production and circulation for the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen, voted 37-26 last week against being represented by the Graphics Communications International Union.

Union officials are considering challenging the results on the basis that TNI supervisors allegedly tried to intimidate workers in the weeks before the election. The election was to have been held last year, but was postponed after the National Labor Relations Board approved a no-fault settlement after the union accused TNI of threatening workers with loss of jobs and benefits, among other things, if they supported the union.