A Day to Remember

Well, assuming you're reading this on our official publication date, it's Inauguration Day. For all of you out there who are down because President George W. Bush is the one being inaugurated, take solace: His time as president is more than halfway over now.

It's little solace, yes. But at least it's something.

On another note, it was two years ago today that I started at the Tucson Weekly. I came here from our sister paper in Las Vegas, and I didn't know a soul here. I also knew little about Tucson, which put me at a serious disadvantage as an editor.

Well, I survived, and so has the Weekly. I know a lot of people now, and I've learned a decent amount about the city (though nowhere near as much as I'd like to know).

I'm grateful for all the help I got in those early days. I'd especially like to thank three people who were with me on day one, and who remain with me: Irene Messina, Jim Nintzel and Chris Limberis. They were amazingly patient in helping me to get to know the town and the newspaper back then; heck, they still are.

Thanks also to Tom Lee, Joann Hardy Carranza, Beth Brouillette, Jill A'Hearn, Marcy Bishop, Josie Lindstrom and Scott Lindstrom, for showing me the ropes.

It's been a fun two years--such fun, that even Bush's inauguration can't ruin this date of Jan. 20 for me. Here's to the future.