Crankiness Bites

It's a deadline day. It's overcast outside. And I am decidedly cranky. Here's why.

· I am cranky that many Republicans (not all of them, but enough of them) in our state Legislature have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they're presumably breaking former sodomy laws. I say this because a state constitutional amendment they're considering would not only ban gay marriage (which is already banned), but would nullify existing domestic partnership laws on the books in some cities, including Tucson. This is hateful and disgusting. Jim Nintzel reports on this and other proposed actions during the 2005 Legislature; check it out.

· Three words: upcoming presidential inauguration.

· I am cranky that less than a week after I commented that the parents of Joe Kay "haven't tried to blame or sue anyone," they filed suit against TUSD. (The Stanford-bound Tucson High hoops star suffered a stroke after being injured a postgame dogpile last year.) I have no opinion about them suing; I am merely cranky about the timing.

· I am cranky that John Peck's piece about wonderful hamburgers around town reminded me that Tucson has neither an In-n-Out nor a Fatburger yet (although an In-n-Out at least appears to be on the way). Considering all the crappy chain food and retail stores that have taken up residence in Tucson, it's frustrating that these two chains have thus far stayed away.

· And finally, on a much more important note, I am cranky about the rising death toll from the December earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami. To give, go to or