We've Got Issues

Two items of note this week:

· Apologies are in order for an error we made last week. It's a simple, yet mortifyingly stupid mistake: When electronically transmitting pages to our printer, we sent page 48 from the week before. (Don't ask me how this happened; I couldn't explain it if I tried.) This means that instead of Noshing Around and a review of Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, we re-published the lead music story and half of Soundbites from the previous week.

In order to right this wrong, in this week's issue, we are printing last week's scheduled Chow pieces, as well as this week's scheduled pieces. That is, unless we send the wrong page again, in which case, I may just have to be committed. Again, my apologies.

· Welcome to the second of our three end-of-the-year special issues. Last week, we kicked some offensive folks and groups out of town; this week, we're giving ink to some folks and groups we love. It's our second annual Local Heroes issue.

Next week: The third in our series of end-of-the-year issues: Jim Nintzel and Leo W. Banks recap the year in their own special way. Don't miss it!