Environmental Agony

This week's cover story--given today's political climate--really pisses me off.

Please read the piece, by Tim Vanderpool. Long story short: As mining companies leave behind the gaping holes they've made in Arizona, we--the taxpayers and water-drinkers--may be left to deal with the awful consequences. This could cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, and it could seriously damage the water supply for many Southern Arizona towns. (In fairness, the mining companies may do the right thing and stick around to clean things up the best they can--but let's just say the mining industry doesn't have a great track record.)

Then there's the issue of what the Bush administration has done regarding the environment, weakening air- and water-quality standards across the board in favor of big business. And do not get me started on the so-called Healthy Forests Initiative.

And finally, there's the issue of Tucson's unchecked growth, and what that's doing to our environment and our water supply. (For a refresher, read last week's "Big Gulp," by Jim Nintzel.)

Long story short: The environment, which last I checked was kind of important to the survival of our species, as well as all the other species on the planet, is getting screwed.

Don't let elected officials and businesses get away with it. With your vote and your dollar, you have the power. If a politician or business is bad to the environment, don't vote for them or spend your money with them. We can report on these issues until we're blue in the face from breathing tainted air--but the rest is up to you.