The Rock, Friday, Oct. 22

Foreshadowed clues an annoyingly bad show: 1) When a group's roadies struggle to get through the sound check. 2) When barely 100 people attend, and hardly anybody can legally be in the "Over 21" section.

This was the case Friday night at The Rock, when dread-locked industrial/goth-rockers Dope performed. Not even on stage for a full hour, Dope's set consisted of cheap pops and plenty of spoken word during song breaks.

"It's Friday night in fuckin' Arizona," frontman Edsel Dope stated obviously after opening the show with "Pig Society."

"Who has to work tomorrow?" asked Edsel, with little to no response. "Well, there's no school tomorrow ... thank fuckin' God," he then strangely confirmed, which received a much better reaction from the Hot Topic-shoppers in the crowd.

The song "Spine for You" got the mall-core kiddies shouting the lyrics of the chorus--"Fuck tomorrow"--with middle fingers raised in the air. Edsel then strapped on a guitar and informed the crowd of their upcoming album and asked who was excited for it ... and nobody responded.

During the radio-overplayed hit "Now or Never," Edsel continued in his quest for cheap pops--"Tucson, let me hear you if you're alive," he called. Edsel's next rant was a charming little tale about how Dope had just played in Las Vegas, and how he was too drunk and tired to be pissed off at the crowd.

As the stage went dark, sirens were blaring and flashing for the song "Burn," which featured a lot of sirens blaring and flashing.

The one song with no spoken introduction from their "unappreciated, underground leader" was "Die Motherfucker Die." Needless to say, a taped recording blared over the PA instead.

Asking a question three years too late, Edsel wanted to know how Tucson felt about the police. Surprisingly enough, the questions was followed by a rendition of N.W.A.'s "Fuck the Police."

The last cheap pop of the night was in regards to how Dope gets no record label or radio love, and it was all about the fans. I'm sure Artemis Records will keep that in mind when it comes time to market the band's new album.

After the group left the stage, diehard fans were disappointed that the group didn't play their breakthrough hit, "Everything Sucks." They needn't have reminded us. For a moment, everything did suck, thanks to this hour taken from my life.