Time to Vote

It's finally here: Election Day.

This is the last issue of the Weekly before Nov. 2. I hope that all of you--assuming you haven't voted already via mail/absentee ballot or early voting--get to the polls next Tuesday.

Our endorsements last week garnered a number of calls and letters (unfortunately, only a couple of letter-writers responded to our confirmation request before the Mailbag press deadline; we'll run others later). Most of them were from angry Bush supporters, which was ... interesting.

Anyway, here's a recap of our endorsements. Talk to you after the election.

President: John Kerry

Pima County Assessor: Bill Staples

Pima County Sheriff: Clarence Dupnik

Legislative District 25: Jennifer Burns, Manny Alvarez

TUSD: Judy Burns, Pam Perry, Armand Salese

Proposition 100 (state lands): No

Proposition 101 (initiative/referendum expenditures): No

Proposition 102 (university/state securities ownership): Yes

Proposition 103 (justice of the peace requirements): No

Proposition 104 (initiative petition deadlines): No

Proposition 105 (State Board of Education changes): Yes

Proposition 200 ("Protect Arizona Now"): Hell No!

Proposition 300 (legislator pay): No

Propositions 400, 401 and 402 (TUSD bond/override): Yes