Gear Up to Vote

Well, we're in the home stretch of what has turned out to be a very interesting campaign season: The presidential debates are finished, and we're just weeks away from Election Day.

Let me modify that statement a little--on a national level, it's been a very interesting campaign season. But on the local level, with a few exceptions, it's been depressingly quiet. Outside of the congressional races--with Kolbe-Graf (although that fun ended with the primary) and the embarrassing existence of Joe Sweeney--we've heard barely a peep about the local races. This is because there are very few seriously contested local contests. But there are a few, and we'll be devoting a lot of space to them in the next several weeks.

This week, read about what's become the most interesting county race: the assessor's contest. While assessor's races are normally about as exciting as checkbook-balancing, this year's is different, because Republican Bill Heuisler is promising drastic--and, well, probably a little illegal--changes if elected.

Next week, we'll have even more election stories, including extensive coverage of the Tucson Unified School District board race and the TUSD bond/override questions. We'll also have our endorsements in this crucial election year. And finally, on Oct. 28, we'll look at the question: Why do many people refuse to vote?

And as always, if you have any comments or thoughts, let us know.