Rhythm & Views

Various Artists

While it's by no means comprehensive, the 14 tracks on this compilation--assembled to promote the Weekly's upcoming Fall Club CrawlTM--provide a Cliff's Notes take on the current state of our local music scene. As indicated by its contents, my fellow Tucsonans, the state of our scene is strong.

Comprising mostly (if not all) previously released tracks that skew largely toward rock in all of its many forms, the disc provides a nice little compendium of the fruits to be found in local clubs on any given weekend.

Sunday Afternoon's "Looked" opens the collection, revealing that the boys have Pearl Jam CDs in their collection, right next to those Dave Matthews ones, while The Deludes' "Production Line" features staccato guitar and a melodic hook you won't be able to shake for days. Amor's "Woman, Who's a Woman"is what The Velvet Underground might have sounded like if Lou Reed had come of age in Paris.

The disc also includes contributions from Chango Malo, The Jons, Ph8, The Retainers, Love Mound, Camp Courageous, 7 Days of May, Cathy Rivers, Nick Luca Trio, and The Solace Brothers, and there truly isn't a single sub-par song among them.

Remarkably, only one song here evokes the once-ubiquitous desert rock of our past: The Luminarios' "San Felipe Blues" is not only one of the band's strongest tunes, but manages, among the other varied subgenres here, to sound fresh. We've come a long way, baby.