Best Calamari

Argenziano's Restaurant

The tasty calamari appetizer from Argenziano's is a class act. Unlike the heavily breaded and glutinous rings you get elsewhere, these are lightly coated, on site, with a delicate sprinkling of bread crumbs, herbs and spices that perfectly complements the flavor of the squid. You can actually see the tender and cooked-to-perfection flesh under the flecks of flavorful coating. The appetizer comes with a generous bowl of piquant marinara sauce surrounded by a liberal portion of calamari rings--and a few tentacles for good measure and authenticity. At $5.75, there's enough to share, but after your first taste, you may tell your dining companions to order their own. The family-run restaurant is usually open Tuesdays-Saturdays for lunch and dinner, but call to make sure.