Best Local Roaster

Raging Sage

It's easy to tell that coffee roasting is going on at Raging Sage: You can smell it in the air. The aroma brings in a clientele more diverse than in Coffee and Cigarettes. Shelby is the presiding master roaster. A variety of regular beans and a few decaffeinated are available for sale. The recipes for her House Blend and Monsoon Blend remain a secret. It's also a little hard to figure out where all of that roasting is taking place in the little building. Even more mysterious is where they are baking all of their wonderful cakes and cookies. Each dessert seems special. Try the lemon pound cake made with olive oil and a cup of House Blend.

Runners up:

2. Le Buzz Caffe and News, 9095 E. Tanque Verde Road, 749-3903

3. Arbuckle Coffee, 3498 S. Dodge Blvd., 790-5282

Unclear on the concept: Starbucks, five votes